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Canadian colleges are leaders in the fields of science, arts, business and technology, constantly adding value to the
society and shaping the bright future of students.

Our mission

We, at Oricon Education Service, are dedicated to serve each and every stakeholder in our prolific network – students, colleges, administrations, recruiters through our feature-rich digital platforms. We believe and pro-actively get involved in insightful collaborations, supported by top-notch customer services, complying with all instructions in a regulatory framework.


Get the proper links from our end that provide you with information about the best colleges and programs that matches your skills, background, and interests. Our services are designed to provide a comprehensive solution to every requirement of the students.

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Partner Colleges

Join us to get the presence of students from various countries and backgrounds and diversify your campus. We, at Orican Education Service, ensure that our partners get the best of the talents who can be an asset to our partner institutions.

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Recruitment Partners

Give your pupils the vast global landscape to pursue their education. With our assistance, get to apply to the best colleges in the world. We, at Orican Education Service, provide an all-around platform where the application, acceptance, and arrival procedures are completed simply and without any hitch.

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Why Canada?

Top reasons to choose colleges in Canada.

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Effective and Flexible

As a student who desires for a cutting-edge illustrious career, you will have numerous categories of courses to choose from. You can select crisp prep courses or go for focused bridging course. There are also various options to earn a diploma or degree, making your education experience effective in terms of market value.

Incredible returns

When you invest $1 in programs in our network, in return you receive a cumulative value of $3.20 in future wages. Simple calculation reveals that the returns are incredible, at 14.3%..

Uniquely innovative

Our network colleges have robust industry partners who support the students (till date 12,000+) in noteworthy research and profitable projects, besides imparting aid for exploring entrepreneurial ideas.

Financially supportive

We are always by your side with varied financial assistance alternatives, solid tutoring programs, dedicated disability services, intensive onsite counselling and much more. At every step, we will lay the path for you that will lead you to success.

Reason for selecting us

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We have professionals who have several years of rich experience in the education sector and have ample expertise in designing the perfectly effective products for all our stakeholders.


We render you services that allow you to conveniently shortlist the courses that you would prefer and provide you consultation, accounting for all the practical factors like future prospects, financial assistance, etc.


You can enquire about any doubt regarding applications round the clock with our executives who would be more than happy to answer you queries.

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