With us, you will grab the golden opportunity to apply at your dream college abroad.

  • Undergraduate programs – You will receive a certified diploma/ an in-demand advanced diploma/ a coveted bachelor’s degree.
  • Post-graduate programs – You will receive a graduate certificate/ a certified graduate diploma/ a prized master’s degree.

Selecting the suitable program and college
Students have excellent provisions to choose the programs that they prefer and select the college suitable for their future prospects.

Submitting your application
We help you to seamlessly submit applications, supported by documents, complying with the specific guidelines of the college.

Receiving you Acceptance Letter
When you receive you acceptance letter for getting admitted to a particular college, we guide you further in the administrative procedures. You can also explore the financial aid package for your program and avail it.

Beginning the VISA processing
After documentarily confirming admission, you apply for VISA with our technical support.

Booking plane ticket and flying
After you receive your VISA simply book your flight ticket and sail in the clouds for a brighter future ahead.

FAQ (General Information)

What’s the tuition expense in Canada and the USA?
Tuition fees usually range from $8000 to $35000. For a majority of streams, the colleges in our network have programs that cost less than $14,000 annually.

Why should Canada or USA be my study destination?
Globally valued qualifications – Your certificate, diploma or degree will be globally recognized by almost every company, university, institution and government, impacting positively on your career growth.
Education is affordable – You will receive world-class education in Canada and USA at affordable rates.
Multicultural learning environment – You will have opportunity to mingle with various students from different countries of the world, each with unique ethnic identity in terms of food, language, dress, culture. You will be associated with lots of recreational and activity clubs.
Safe communities – You will enjoy a safe and healthy atmosphere to pursue your education, as UN consistently ranks Canada and USA as the most comfortable places to live and pursue careers.
Incredible language education – Besides English, French is also an integral part of Canadian language spectrum. You will chances to learn and improve on your French.
Vibrant lifestyle in campus – Learning will be fun with lots of sophisticated technologies in modern settings. You will gain rich experience about life and work, mixing with lots of fellow-students, academicians, and corporate people.
Possibility to immigrate – You will have chances to stay back in Canada with the certificate or degree that you earn, by applying to a permanent residency (PR) status without any hassles.
Ample job opportunities – As immensely developed countries, both Canada and USA offer you lots of opportunities in numerous fields to build a career and prosper at an accelerated rate.

What are the living costs and study expenses in North America?
Cost of living has a minimum level of $10,000 TO $12,000. Tuition fees, as said before, can begin at $8000 and reach $35,000 on the higher side. This is simple an estimated average.

What are the documents required for the application procedure?
It depends on which program you are applying to. If you are filing an application for a certified undergraduate program, then you need to show the authorities your high-school certificate, and your passport copy. For applying to a postgraduate program, you must show your bachelor’s diploma, certificate or degree, and your passport copy. Some of the master’s programs also ask for recommendation letters from academic supervisors, transcripts, resumes, and essays. You can check the specific details from our platform.

What’s next after submitting application documents and fees?
We send all the documents to the institutions that you have chosen from our data bank. We wait for the acceptance letter and after receiving it, help you get through the complete VISA processing.

What should be the amount of my financial credentials?
The total finances must add up tuition costs, living expenses and cost for return transportation for the tenure of the course.

FAQ (Acceptance letter and admission)

What is a letter of acceptance/admission?
The letter of acceptance/admission, in short LOA, is a document that confirms your admission to a particular college abroad. You need this to apply for your study permit.

How can I receive an acceptance letter?
Every school has its own rules and discretion to send you LOA.

Shall I need to pay to defer my admission letter?
Yes, the charges vary from $100 to $250 for our services. You can defer admission to next intake. Also, you may have to pay additional fees to the college.

When shall I pay the application fee and the tuition fees?
Application fee is to be paid before you submit the application. It is non-refundable. The college will not review your application unless you pay the application fee. A portion of the tuition fees is paid after you accept the letter of admission. The initial installment depends on the administration of the particular college. Also, some of the colleges may require it to book your seat. If you don’t receive your student VISA, the college will refund the deposit that you had paid.

Do I need to pay tuition fees for receiving a letter of acceptance?
In most of the cases, the answer is ‘NO’.

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