Orican Educational Services: The Best Place To Get Top Recruiter for Colleges.
As the leading educational services providers, we from Orican Education Service are equipped with over 3500 recruiters across the globe. So far, we have helped with many students and we have an impact of 95% in the industry. With the help of AI-powered platforms, it will be easier for the students to locate the colleges and universities that meet their interests. It will allow them to apply for multiple programs, which will match their qualifications and enable them to earn a competitive commission.
The benefits of choosing us

  • Students can go through numerous programs across all the areas of study.
  • We will discuss and help students apply to their programs of choice.
  • We have a team of dedicated and hardworking experts who guide the students right from the application to the arrival.

We, from Orican Education Service, wish to connect each of the students with their respective colleges across the globe.

How Orican works
Our sophisticated platform supported by AI-based infrastructure help you to find relevant schools matching the profiles of your students, applying at once to multiple programs and earning you handsome commissions at competitive rates.

Work with Orican
Work with us and improve your prospects in the education industry just like several of our other recruitment partners.

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