We help you enhance your global presence by sourcing students from across the globe.

Increasing the diversity of students
Several students apply to our network of colleges, from over 100 countries.

Receiving quality applications
You will be in a convenient position to receive qualified and complete applications.

Approved top-rated recruiter network
We have excellent recruiters in our network and we work in collaborations.

Verifying documents
We verify documents on your behalf, including IELTS score.

Matching applicants
Orican ensures that only students who are eligible apply to your college, with accurate applicant matching services.

Robust promotional channels
You can market your college on our platform, at various events and on social media handles.

Advantages of partnering with Orican
We make it easier for you to recruit international students.

Spend less time to vet applications
We save your time by thoroughly checking all the applications and supporting documents and ensure they meet your college admission guidelines.

Increasing the diversity in your campus
You will receive students from 100+ countries, increasing the richness of the multicultural environment of your campus.

Attracting engaged students
Eligible students are sourced to your college, matching their interests with the program offerings of your college.

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