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We are Orican Education service, enhancing the career prospects of students across the globe through top international colleges.

Our story and motto
We, at Orican Education Service, simplify search for a college or a program in Canada. As a prospective candidate or a recruiter or a business partner, you ensure a successful future through our full-fledged dedicated network. As an emerging platform, we have already established excellent collaborations with international student communities, professional recruiters and academic institutions, under a single umbrella. We strive for excellence, championing diversity across Canadian colleges.

No matter which college you choose across the globe, location becomes the first thing that each candidate needs to put into consideration. Just like two individuals are not equal, the same goes for the countries. Bearing that in mind, our team of experts will help each student by providing a bit of background information about the type of country they will study abroad. Once they learn about the location and what it offers, it will be easier for the students to make friends.
Although it takes a great deal of time to learn about a country’s food, culture, mannerism, heritage, religion, and we will provide all the related information to each of the students about the respective country before you board the plane.

Helping students who feel homesick
We have heard a countless number of stories about college students who have claimed to feel lonely and homesick when they study abroad at a foreign land. Coping up with the loneliness and the shock of leaving their home and country behind, will have a huge impact on the students. For such reasons, we have come up with a solution to help all our students by telling them to stay positive during their stay at a foreign land, and should never hesitate if they need any help.
We will take the responsibility to provide guidance and advice for such matters, and as the leading education providers, we will request all our students or candidates to not isolate themselves.

Working and studying abroad
Many students wish to earn a bit of pocket money to support themselves while studying in a foreign country. We understand the need for daily items and products is necessary to survive, for which working and studying becomes the only option. That is why we provide a work visa to all our interested candidates who wish to earn some cash while they are attending their respective colleges. However, we believe that it is the best way to learn and understand much more about the foreign country and its people.

Our mission
The only mission that we have is to help students enrolled in their respective colleges across Canada and around the world. We are partnered with numerous well-known and reputed colleges, where the courses, teachers, and environment are top-notch. Also, we aim to educate the entire globe by connecting the best colleges. Therefore, all the colleges are at the forefront of technology, innovation, and workforce development. We will help in preparing all the candidates for the innovative careers of tomorrow.

Choose Us!
As the leading educational service providers, we from Orican Education Service understand the importance of education and how it can help an individual. Our job is to help all candidates or students find the best college for themselves, either in Canada or across the globe.

FAQ (About Orican)

How does Orican help me?
Orican provides you the platform where you can seamlessly find all the pertinent resources required to get apply and get admitted to a top international college. We will extensively guide you through each and every step of the application procedure and assist you in receiving an acceptance letter.

What does ‘Designated Institutions’ in Canada mean?
‘Designated Institutions’ means a list of colleges and institutions that is approved by the Canadian Embassy.

Can I study in a course in North America on a visitor visa?
If your course length is lesser than 6 months, you don’t require a study permit or student visa. For a course lengthier than 6 months, you need a student visa mandatorily.

What is the cost of applying to the colleges?
The application fee depends on the type of college and the particular course in which you are interested. Usually, the range is in between 50$ to 300$. The application fees that you pay us are the exact amounts that colleges charge and we transfer the full amount to the respective colleges. We don’t charge you a penny as we are paid by our associated colleges and institutions.

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